Round 4 Putters Launches 2 New Prototypes

Round 4 Putters has been a technology forward company since its inception.  Their latest Putter line is the next step in Putter technology as they have brought the idea of 3-d printing to the golf world.  More specifically, to the green where all the money in golf is made.

That most recent line includes 2 new prototypes.  Here they are below.


The first is a golf plated putter called The Closer.   It is features described on the website are as follows. ” “The Closer” features a flow neck, a photochemically milled face, and an MOI north of 6,000. It has a thicker topline than the production version of the Closer, giving it a beefier look at address.”

The second putter is called the Archer.  The site describes the Archer… “This raw, unplated 3D printed protoytype borrows the curved topline and easy alignment of the milled version of the Archer, but shaves off the rear flange to give it a look and feel of skinnier blades from an earlier era, but with radically improved MOI and forgiveness.”

Another great recent launch from Round 4 Putters is the ability to design your own putter.  They can use their equipment to work with you on your own putter.

You can check out both of these putters along with all of their products on the website at 


Author: Jhavelka