Koepka: Big Game Hunter Taking Second Shot

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Post written by Josh Svetz


Let’s set this up. If I told you there was a golfer who looked like a linebacker, could drive the ball over the moon, was handsome, won back-to-back U.S. Opens and battled back from a wrist surgery that put his whole career in jeopardy just a year ago; only to comeback in full force winning two majors this year, (the first time a pro has accomplished that since Tiger Woods in 2000), would that not interest you?

That guy is Brooks Koepka and yet, no one seems to care about him.

Sure, the deep golf aficionado knows who he is, but I haven’t found people who fan him like a Woods, Jordan Spieth, Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, hell, even a Ricky Fowler or Adam Scott.

In fact, after Koepka “spoiled the fun” by pulling away from Woods and Scott to win his second-straight U.S. Open, Twitter was a buzz not because of Koepka’s accomplishments, but because everyone was glued to their seats invested in possibly seeing Woods win his first major since 2008. But after Koepka notched birdie after birdie and Woods had a drive go awry on the 16th hole, that dream of redemption for one of the greatest golfers of all time died. Memes filled Twitter timelines of Koepka playing spoiler, being portrayed as a villain and just mentions of people getting mad that Koepka pulled away quickly, never letting go of the lead down the back-nine stretch.

This is all kind of funny when you think of who Koepka is. A bashful, awkward, down to earth, nice guy. Sure, he’s a bit dull, but let’s be honest, magnetic personalities in golf are far and few between.

Knowing that, wouldn’t his on-course accomplishments be enough to elevate him in the golf fan’s pantheon of greatness? Because for everything he lacks in showmanship, he makes up for in skill. Koepka off the tee is beautiful to watch. The man can strike the ball with an intense amount of power. His iron game is also majestic. In a way, he’s what a golf fan would want a golfer to be, a dude who can blast the ball, but with finesse.

Still, he’s not even close to being notable to the casual fan and even another major victory might not change that. Most likely, he’ll win another one and it won’t have any effect on his “star power.”

But I don’t think he’s too concerned about being a household name. His desire is only to win, win and win. Still, he’s the picture perfect “good ole boy of golf,” which makes it baffling that he doesn’t have at least a medium-sized fanbase.

If you don’t like him or find him interesting, that’s fair, but he’s not going away anytime soon. The 28-year old is on a tear and will probably beat out your favorite golfer in the future. Count on it.

So just accept that the next Tiger-level player isn’t Rory Mcllroy, or Jordan Spieth, or some super interesting character with the skills and hype to back it up. No: It’s the humble tank from West Palm Beach, Florida — get used to him.

Author: Jhavelka