Topgolf Pittsburgh Delivers on Every Level

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It was not my first time in a Topgolf but it was my first experience at a Topgolf. Everything that we see advertised is absolutely what they deliver.

What most don’t realize is the fact that they can deliver so much more.

Topgolf is more than just a driving range/video game with a restaurant and bar. It is more than just a location for your next group outing or party. It is a progressive organization that is using technology to promote growth in the game of golf.

TopGolf is First and Foremost a Technology Company.

Topgolf is not just in the technology you get to see and hit, but also behind the scenes. It is the technology that is being used in the field every day at other non-Topgolf Venues all over the world. If you have watched a golf tournament on TV recently, you have seen Topgolf Technology. How you follow the ball while watching golf on TV is driven by their technology.

The TopTracer Range product is an effective tool for viewers when they turn on the Golf Channel, ESPN, CBS Sports, or NBC Sports and watch Golf Coverage. Topgolf is doing their part trying to grow the game and this is just another example of that.

The technology is not the only progressive aspect of their organization. When you walk up to the facility, it hits you.  This is a contemporary looking environment with clean lines and vivid neon lighting to accent those beautiful lines.  That look and feel is carried in every room in the facility from the hitting bays, to the training rooms, to the executive suite on the third floor to the restaurant and bar areas throughout.

Entertaining Groups

Topgolf provides groups of all sizes the opportunity to play, practice, or compete. The hitting bays are decked out with an electronic ball-feeding system that feeds the golfer a ball when a club is waved across the sensor. The clubs by the way are supplied by the Venue and are Callaway clubs with graphite shafts. Additionally, more premium Callaway clubs are available for the players that have signed up for premium memberships.

To accompany all this technology, the venue will provide group lessons for kids and adults. The programs that are and will be available are designed for people to not only learn how to hit the ball, but also to have fun. Prices will be available when the programs are officially launched at the Pittsburgh Facility.

Topgolf also has the ability to run a tournament or fundraiser, so those of you that are looking for your next idea and are tired of a traditional golf scramble, Topgolf has a great alternative to shake things up.

Food and Drinks

As the proverbial cherry on top of the sundae (which they do serve by the way), Topgolf provides contemporary and seasonal food items for groups and individuals along with a large selection of options from all of their indoor and outdoor full service bars.


For pricing information, please click this link. 

The Staff

I spoke in depth with Kevin and Erin from Pittsburgh’s Topgolf management and marketing Team and they were terrific. I also had interactions with their staff while I was touring the facility and was spoken to by everyone. Consistently, it was “Hello!, How are you?” “Is there anything I can do,” time and again. They were fantastic.

The staff cares about your experience at Topgolf. They treat you like family which is what I was told when I was speaking with the team.

While you visit Topgolf, you are family, or at least part of their family. If you have a question or a special need, they can handle it. They have special menu items for food allergies and both the chef and his staff will even come out and speak with you if you have any concerns.

The staff preaches safety and food allergies is just another piece of that safety feature.


So, we all know this is Pittsburgh and from time-to-time it can look a lot like this.

If you are worried about the weather, they have that handled. In each bay, they have several overhead heaters.  On average, those heaters can keep the bay about 20 degrees warmer than the actual air temperature.  So on a 35-degree winter day in Pittsburgh, golf can be had in the Topgolf Venue in temperatures approaching 55 or 60 degrees.

Forward Thinking Organization

Also, those seasonal food items will change as the temperature changes so don’t be surprised to see some Pittsburgh favorites eventually hit that menu.

Something else that separates what Topgolf is doing, is how they use all of their venues and their staff to benefit the patrons.

The executive chefs throughout their entire organization compete on their original series Topgolf Chef Showdown to get new item on the menu.  Imagine that, an organization that not only asks for new ideas and or offerings but one that also implements those ideas. This is just one example of how Topgolf does things the right way.

Topgolf also has its own entertainment channel/feed playing at each TV in the facility. This includes pre-recorded shows, concerts, and other entertainment from other locations across the organization which are run on their  Topgolf TV Feed.

Upon walking through the Venue it is clear that Topgolf provides its patrons with amazing entertainment and options on three floors. From games, to lessons, to food and drink, you can not only entertain a group, but even purchase clubs for your kids. If you love golf or even just love to have fun and are up for something different, Topgolf fills all of those needs and more.

Author: Jhavelka