TRUE linkswear, Our Choice On and Off The Course


I have had my TRUE linkeswear Golf Shoes now for about a week and half. I can not say enough about the overall comfort and versatility.  I’ve worn them on the course and in the office, they fit both roles like they were meant for it. Their slogan is #enjoythewalk, I can tell you I have absolutely done that and then some.  Check out some of these options before you make your next Golf Shoe Purchase.

I am no rookie when it comes to TRUE linkswear Shoes, as I have had a pair of their soft spike Golf Shoes for 2 years.  They have been more than comfortable and I have more than held up their end of the bargain. I Know I have worn them well over 150 times…but  it was time for a new pair.

I’ve been lucky enough to be on the course with a couple of the new models they have available this week  covering a local Golf Event, and when I was finished I wore them straight to the office.   They can be casual, dressy, or your go to Golf Shoe!   It’s up to you.  Any place you wear them, you will fit in and #enjoythewalk!

The Shoes come in a variety of colors and sizes for both Men and Women.  Zac Weiss, our lead Journalist, whom is currently covering the Quicken Loans National PGA Event had this to say.

I wore True Iinkswear all week during my Quicken Loans National coverage. They are extremely comfortable regardless of where I am walking. The fact that they transition so well off the course also is extremely convenient and rare for a golf shoe. As someone who always wants to look presentable when covering a golf tournament, True linkswear is a fantastic choice for any golfer out there.

If you would like to get your own pair of TRUE linkswear Shoes, go to the website at and use the promo code #DYSTGolfPGH for your discount. They are so sure you will love the shoe, you will get the them worry free for 30 days.

When you purchase your shoes, Every employee at TRUE linkswear plays a part in your purchase. From the ordering, to packing and to shipping… it’s all done in-house.  They take extra care with quality control at every step of the process to make sure you are Completely Satisfied with your Purchase.

Order a pair for yourself and use our promo code #DYSTGolfPGH for a 15% DISCOUNT. I not only promise you will love them, I guarantee you will #enjoythewalk!


Author: Jhavelka