Frank B. Furher Jr. Invitation June 25-27, Pairings Announced

One of the biggest local events of the season, The Frank B. Fuhrer Jr. Invitational will take place next week at the Pittsburgh Field Club.  The Pairings were announced and here is the order and hole in from which they will Tee Off.

8:00 AM Hole 1: Sean Knaus, Jason Robinson
8:00 AM Hole 10:Eric Apodiakos,Easton Renwick
8:09 AM Hole 1: David Bradshaw,Thadd Obecny III
8:09 AM Hole 10: Brendan King,Jay Woodson
8:18 AM Hole 1: Eric Cole, Ryan Sikora
8:18 AM Hole 10: Shawn McCall, Greg Jarmas
8:27 AM Hole 1: Bob Friend, Mike Van Sickle
8:27 AM Hole 10: Daniel McCarthy, Aaron Gizzi
8:36 Am Hole 1: T.J. Howe, Jamie Sindelar
8:36 AM Hole 10: Justin Colins, Paul Ferrier
8:45 AM Hole 1: Zach Street, Palmer Jackson (a)
8:45 AM Hole 10: Dan Obremski, Ty Roush
8:54 AM Hole 1: Gene Walter, Will Wears
8:54 AM Hole 10: Matt Schall, Michael Gligic
9:03 AM Hole 1: Spencer Mellon, Justin Moose
9:03 AM Hole 10: Ryan Keeney, Bob Meyer
9:12 AM Hole 1: Mason Stutler, Ryan Zylstra
9:12 AM Hole 10: James Cichra, Ryan Lenahan
9:21 AM Hole 1: Denny Dolci, Reid Howey
9:21 AM Hole 10: Christo Greyling, Mike Frisina

The Pittsburgh Field Club has one of the richest Histories in the area.  The golf course itself started on the old cricket grounds back in the 1880’s turned into a 9 hole course by the 1890’s. The club was then moved to the Fox Chapel area where some of the greatest designers in golf have played a roll in it’s design and continued beautification.

The Property has seen the likes of Donald Ross, Albert (A.W.) Tillinghast, Willie Park Jr., Emil Loeffler and John McGlynn, Bill Irvin, Robert Trent Jones, Arthur Hills, Craig Schreiner and Tripp Davis all have a hand in the design of the course itself.




Author: Jhavelka