DYSTPittsburgh, Our Formal Announcement

I guess it was time to make this a more formal Announcement. We have officially moved beyond all the trials and tribulations of being hacked and having to cleanse and entire network of files…. which means the software had to scan over 14k posts from the past last 10 years along with tons of links and folders on our servers.

During that time, We have also had to wrestle with the thoughts of what to do moving forward. We have determined we plan to move forward with a Digital Magazine that we will likely launch by mid summer. Although this is still a work in progress, it will be a Golf Digest of sorts…. not General Pittsburgh Sports.

With that said, the DYSTPittsburgh site will be pointed towards our SportsMongerBlogs facebook page. We still have writers contributing… but we will not be launching that site as a separate entity moving forward. It was a difficult decision and I had to weigh my teams thoughts and production… along with what My business partner and I both saw moving forward.

Brian(partner) is embedded in the golf industry and marketing place. He and I have loved the game for years, him probably more so than I but we have both played and followed for an equally long time period.

We have always covered golf on our sites and have even had a golf only site…. but all along maintaining our other sites so it was never a singular focus. With the influx of new Pittsburgh sites nearly every day… and although we have been around for a very long time, we just thought now was the time to step back.

We will still give our thoughts on local sports…. and that can be found on Twitter and on here, Facebook.com/Sportsmongerblogs. But as a day to day thing, We felt that the site hack was a blessing in disguise. It gave us and opportunity to pump the brakes and then make the move we should have long ago.

So Moving forward, you will see our Golf coverage on DYSTGolf.com/DYSTGolfPGH.com. One site, two domains.

To give you an idea, we were achieving over 25k reads per month on our Pittsburgh site, which is half of what our DYSTNow.com site does. Since launching this golf site, we have matched those numbers. We are proud of what we have accomplished, but are more excited about what lies ahead.

We have partnered and will be partnering with some great companies to help us bring the best golf coverage in the Pittsburgh Area. We will be covering 3 or 4 locally based National tournaments this year.. but the plans will be for that to be all the tournaments that are in or surround our region next year.

I will be participating in the (Pittsburgh) Golfweek Amateur Tour starting this year which is a decision I recently made. That decision came because I wanted to bring coverage to that tour and in order to do it justice, I figured that since I was going to be there to cover some of those events, why not chronicle my own story as well.

Brian will be bringing his weekly videos and we will also once again begin an online show that will feature our team debating all things golf.

We have big plans for this as we move forward and we have already brought on several great partners to help us achieve these plans. WE can not thank the TriStatePGA enough for their help and generosity. We also want to thank TrueLinkswear for coming on board. We are very close with several more and are hoping to announce those soon.

We have brought on a new writer to go with Brian, myself and Zac. Josh Svetz will be joining the staff covering tournaments starting this week which we are very excited about.

We are still looking for a few more contributors and would love nothing more than to have someone cover the LPGA and local women’s golf. It’s an important genre, especially since I have a daughter that believes so much in “Girl Power.”

We would love to talk with a local technology company or two that would like to partner with us to bring this coverage to life in a way that no one has…. locally.

As a whole, we have a laundry list of ideas we would love to bring to life with regards to what we are doing. Because of this, we believe the future is bright for us as we move forward.

So, to those that have followed us over the last 10 years or so, thank you…. We are not going away, just shifting gears. Thank you again and here is to our very bright future.

Author: Jhavelka