Memorial Tournament Notebook: Redman adjusts to playing as a pro

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Dublin, OH — There are many first-time participants in this year’s Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide, but only one is playing his first PGA TOUR event as a professional.

20-year-old Doc Redman is doing just that.

“I just wanted to take advantage of some opportunities I get this summer and I thought I was prepared to move on, improve at the next level and compete here,” he said. “I’m excited to make the start here.”

Redman was a sophomore at Clemson University and follows a movement of collegiate golfers who leave school early, many of whom have experienced success.

As far as his schedule goes, Redman will participate in sectional qualifying Monday in Springfield, OH and then continue to use his seven sponsor exemptions to try and qualify for the Tour Finals.

With this decision Redman has now forfeit his spots into the U.S. Open and Open Championships, something he certainly did not take lightly.

“I think it’s tough but at the same time hopefully I’ll play a lot of U.S. Open’s and British Opens in the future,” said Redman.

With Thursday being Redman’s first event as a professional, he shot a round of 5-over-par 77 which included a mis-club on the par-4 18th hole that ultimately resulted in a two-stroke penalty.

The experience, he said though was very similar to when he played as an amateur. Despite his standing, Redman believes that he is not out of it because good scores are still possible.

One thing that could help Redman’s case is that he clearly enjoys playing Muirfield Village Golf Club believing everything there is “great”.

Still the course will not recognize those remarks and as with any round, Redman hopes that this is a learning experience.

“You have to learn something with every round you play, especially out here,” he said. “I learned a lot today and I don’t think you ever stop learning.”

Glover returns to the course

After a very public off the course issue, Lucas Glover returned after two weeks away from PGA TOUR competition and shot a 5-under par 67.

The round was a bogey-free one until a dropped shot on the last hole but he minimized that this tournament was any different from a mentality standpoint given what he has gone through these past couple of weeks.

There was a question posed to Glover about the off-the-course incident and he declined to elaborate beyond the statement he made, though did concede that sometimes golf can be a place where he can be at ease.

In terms of preparing for this event, it was not easy given that 13 of the 14 days Glover was home, it rained so he had to practice indoors at The Bear’s Club with other PGA TOUR pros who were trying to do the same.

I got done what I could and I got here with a good mindset and a good swing thought and carried it into the day well,” Glover said. “They’ve got several teaching pros there that and they’ve got two hitting bays in the back with all the equipment and if they’re not teaching they leave it open for us. Just some guys know how to work the stuff, I don’t, but it doesn’t rain in there, so.”

Phil Mickelson moment of the day

Phil Mickelson is known for having moments that would under normal circumstances have fans shaking their head but at this point, some of his unintentional theatrics have been part of what makes him both beloved and heavily followed by patrons.

Thursday Mickelson was just off the green on the par-3 fourth hole when the below happened.

The par improved Mickelson’s score to -2 but a back-nine slide placed him at +2 after one round of play.

Mullinax helps Kang’s U.S. Women’s Open preparation

As reported by Golfweek’s Beth Ann Nichols, LPGA TOUR golfer Danielle Kang was having trouble preparing for the U.S. Open with heavy rain from Tropical Storm Alberto.

While some of the golfers went to TopGolf, Kang phoned a friend.

Kang played nine holes at Shoal Creek Monday and additional nine holes on Wednesday but she called Trey Mullinax for advice on how to get around the course. Mullinax was to walk the course with Kang but then received the call to play in the Memorial Tournament.

“She just asked me some questions about the course,” Mullinax said after his round. “I tried to guide her along as well as I know how.”

Kang shot three under, which Mullinax found out during the interview and something he called “awesome”

“She’s a great player, obviously she played very well today and any advice I can give her to help her out a little bit was awesome,” said Mullinax. “She may have taken it, she may not have, but I’m glad she played very well and I’m happy for her.”

Regardless of how Kang finishes Mullinax appreciates the fact that she reached out and on some occasions he does the same.

“It is great to see how to play holes when you may not know how,” he said. “I definitely take as much advice as I can from guys out here. I’m glad she called me and if I can helped her out with one stroke, I think that would be nice.”

Author: Zac Weiss