Exotics EX10 Fairway Wood Review

Every company comes up with a snappy slogan. For Tour Edge it is Golf’s Most Solid Investment. A few swings with their new Exotics EX10 Fairway wood and you will agree.

The EX10 employs its Material Advantage to match unique materials with a new face construction that results in greater balls speeds and distance for golfers of all abilities. The EX10 uses a Japanese high density steel called HT 980 in a cup face design.  This allowed its engineers to make the face thinner than in any of its previous metal woods. The club faces also have variable face thickness (VFT), a design that offers multiple levels of thickness on different areas of the face that help keep launch speed high on off center hits, especially in the heel and toe areas.

The EX10’s sleek, black aerodynamic look is a confidence builder and the lower and deeper CG, accompanied by Exotics signature Slipstream sole easily sweeps the ball out of any turf conditions.   A 9 gram sole weight in the back of the club provides stability throughout the hit and for those who want customization, a weight kit including a 6-gram, 11-gram and 14-gram weight, is available for purchase to increase or decrease the swing weight.The EX10 comes with several premium shafts and the Graphite Design Tour AD50 complements the clubs advanced technologies beautifully. It is a perfect pairing as the Tour AD50 utilizes premium, aerospace quality 50t carbon-fiber material for greater control, stability and a tight dispersion.

Tour Edge and Exotics has been a cult favorite for years.  They blend cutting edge technology with a no holds bar search for the best available materials.   It has taken me several years to replace my current fairway wood but the EX10 has finally kicked my old one- the Exotics CB-Pro- out of the bag.

The EX10 fairway wood is available in 13, 15, 16.5, 18 and 21 degree lofts and has a suggested retail price of $249.99 www.touredge.com

Review courtesy of Stuart Goldstein – staff writer

Author: Brian Stefan

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