View From The Loo: Tiger Woods Back Pain and Bad Play Run Interesting Parallel

So after a less than stellar start to 2017 season last week, Tiger Woods went to Dubai and shot an opening round 77, then left the second round with back pain.  I am in no way saying this is an excuse because we know of his prior back surgeries and trouble.  We also know other great golfers that have struggled with back pain.   With that said, this was supposedly completely unrelated.   What is related, in this case is his continued poor play regardless of back pain.

The back seems to feel fine, then hello gets out on the course during a real round, he struggles and the back hurts.  When he practiced prior to the season and felt okay, he was playing for nothing and the results were not important.  Now that money and reputation are on the line, the play is lack luster and the back is a problem.  Is it an actual injury? We will never know.  But we all know how injuries have changed certain sports and athletes in the past.

Injuries have shortened many great players careers.  Mario Lemieux comes to mind.  He had the potential of being the greatest offensive player in the history of the sport.  But continued injuries and cancer destroyed any chances of that.

How about Bo Jackson?  There is a blast from the past.  Bo knows… Well,  he just might have been the greatest athlete of all time, but it was called short because of injuries.

You get my drift here.   Tiger’s current injury situation may or may not be back related or even accurate.  But we all know that nothing hurts more than his pride right now.  I was never a fan, but the fact is he was the greatest Golfer of his time.  But not of all time nor every again.

And those that are holding out hope of a “Great Tiger Resurgence.”  Don’t hold your breath because that just does not look like that is going to happen.  And although some want to tweak golf because a lack of Tiger and TV ratings, it is still a strong enough product to leave alone.  Tiger coming back would help it, but an ineffective Tiger will do nothing but harm to the sport.  The Story every week will be about Injuries and abscences and I can tell you, no one wants any part of that.





Author: Jhavelka

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