Mickelson speaks on investigation

Dublin, OH — Wednesday afternoon at the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide served as the first public comments made by Phil Mickelson since the ruling about his role in the investigation.

“I’d like to say that I’m disappointed to have been a part of that whole thing, but after a thorough investigation, I’m pleased that it’s behind me, that it’s over, that it’s behind me,” Mickelson said in his opening statement. “I’m appreciative of my family and friends and my companies and their faith in me and their support of me. I feel excited to start playing golf again. I feel excited to have that part behind me and move forward.”

Despite attempts to redirect the group interview to non-investigation related subjects, these types of questions were continually asked and Mickelson answered them all.

“It feels good that it’s over and it’s passed, and it’s in the past,” said Mickelson. “I’m ready to move on. I have to be responsible for the people I associate with. Going forward, I’ll make the best effort I can to make sure I represent myself, as well as my family, as well as my companies, in the way that I want to and they deserve.

PGA TOUR Commissioner Tim Finchem stated he has not talked to Mickelson and did not want to comment any further.

Mickelson is making his 16th start at the Memorial Tournament despite having his frustrations with Muirfield Village Golf Club.

No left-handed golfer has won the tournament, but that does not stop Mickelson from making his yearly commitment.

“I always thought this was going to be a tournament and a course that I would play really well at, and I haven’t, but I keep coming back because I love it here, and I love the course,” said Mickelson. “I love the fact that it’s Jack’s event. I love the way the people are here, and I want to turn that around. I want to play well here. I saw Jack here today, and he said, ‘Look, you’re missing one big one, this one right here,’ And I agree with him. I’ve been fortunate to have the career that I’ve had, but I want to win this tournament. Granted, there’s another one in two weeks that I really want to win too, but I want to win this one.”

Author: Zac Weiss

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