Current and Former PGA Players Taking Their “Shots” At Chambers Bay

This is the first time for the US Open to take place at Chamber Bay, a beautiful golf course sitting on Puget Sound.  After just two rounds of golf, the golf course is taking a beating it may never recover from.  And I do not mean from good play by the players.

Many current and former players that are participating this week at Chambers Bay are voicing their displeasure over the golf course conditions.   Mostly, about the greens.   These greens are largely inconsistent and have a combination of grasses on them that are making it very hard for the players to figure out the roll.   What is worse, is the fact that the players are not being smart and taking the high road when answering questions.

With the fall of Tiger Woods, and golf courses all over the US  down in rounds played, or closing, the last thing that the sport needs are the best players current and former taking pot shots at the current host of the US Open.

Gary Player was quoted to have said that “Chambers Bay is the worst golf course I have ever seen.”   say what you want, but that is just not right. He was not the only one though.  One player said putting on the greens was like putting on a head of Broccoli.

Jordan Spieth is one of the games best young players and he was asked about the 18th whole.   He responded by saying that the hole was “dumb”.  The hole plays as either a 617 yard par 5 or a 514 yard par 4.  It was a par 5 on Thursday, but Friday it turned into a par 4 and because of how it is laid out, the players needed to hit a smaller club off the tee, then a bigger club on the fairway.  Or, be one of the handful of players that can hit a driver on the course and land it in the super small landing area.  Spieth did say, I just need to get beyond it and play.   Yes Jordan, do that.

Brandel Chamblee, a Golf host on the Golf Channel, and a former player went on the post game show tonight and said that the Superbowl is played on perfect surface, Baseball Championship is played on a perfect surface, Wimbledon starts on a perfect surface…these are the best players in the world so why do they have to play in these conditions?   Good question, but there is a time and place.  I just don’t think the extra emphasis is needed.

Phil Mickelson took the high road when asked, he said if there is anything that is not absolutely perfect about this golf course it’s the Greens.  More need to go this route.  You can quietly complain about this course under your breath as a player, but they absolutely need to not do it publicly.  And if they do have to answer the question, they need to come up with a politically correct way to say what they need to say.

Don’t play here again, go to the USGA and say, let’s not come back here… but do that after the fact.  Take the high road during the week and call the course challenging or difficult.  Even Phil referred to it as Interesting.  We all know what he meant.  No one needs to go any further.   The residents of the community near the course do not need to hear how “their Course” stinks.

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