Five Year Drought for Tiger Woods

After winning and struggling to walk in the 2008 U.S. Open, Tiger Woods hasn’t won since that dramatic win against Rocco Mediate. The year of 2008 was a struggle not only on the course but of the course for Woods. Woods ended up crashing his SUV into a fence right next to his house, then a few weeks everyone finding out he had committed adultery. Ever since all that had happened in 2008, the fenom Tiger Woods, who every one would be intimidated by would be the guy every one would shaking their heads about. This part life hit him hard. His competing struggled for almost two or three years. Tiger is now showing signs of the young Tiger who never gave up and had that intimidating factor to him, but yet no major wins since 2008. He has competed and been right there in majors since then but yet again no victories.

In the year of 2013, Tiger had probably one of his best years since 2008. Even though finishing tied for forth in the Masters, tied for thirty- second in The U.S. Open, tied for sixth in The Open Championship, and tied for fortieth at The PGA Championship. In each major, he showed signs of the old Tiger, maybe not with getting the ball of the tee but around the green, you couldn’t touch him. Woods also played a more mental game this year. Instead of like he was younger and he stepped up to a par 4 455 yards, just pulling out the driver and pelting down the middle. Tiger would hit his 3 wood or a 4 iron and just get it in play and down the middle, then get home from his wedges and irons. Watching him at the Bridgestone Invitational three weeks ago, was unbelievable. It seemed like anything tiger took out of the bag that weekend, he hit amazing. Even his driver. Which everyone knows Tiger has struggled the past few years with.

If Tiger puts all the pieces together in the off-season and combines some of the old stuff with the new stuff he has picked up over his years, Tiger will be a scary threat come Major time. Tiger may of hit a bump in his career but he will always be a threat anytime he steps foot on a golf course.

Author: Jhavelka

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